Are you interested in high strategies that will help improve your SEO in 2020? Being up to date and keeping up with SEO can sometimes be quite overwhelming due to constant algorithm changes. However, there are significant actions that you can always take in training that will help you better rank and be online.

Attractive and High Quality Content

The addition of interactive articles and blog such as ratings, surveys, infographics, quizzes, videos and web 2.0 sites that can play a significant role in the search engine optimization strategy and content advertising. These interactive articles not only retain users on your site, but also help increase consumer comfort.

The more people spend time on your site, the longer Google alerts you that your content is useful and tailored to your needs.

Put Keywords in the content

The long form of the articles will allow you to delve into topics, offering readers a lot of information. You can help people get what they want when you publish the exact content and that's what Google is considering. Long content offers the option of including both LSI keywords and keywords to help you rank better.

Proper Headings

The headline of the article gives the first impression of your name. The headline is an important element that can help determine if people will. That is why it is very important to create a fantastic and convincing headline to allow search users to participate in your content.

You might think about using tools like the Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer, which will rank you in components, e.g. if your name increases engagement, its functionality in social networks, and in case you have to add more words to get better results.

User Friendly Site

Based on current keyword research, nearly 60 percent of Google searches are done on mobile devices. The number of people using the internet on phones has increased. That is why it is so important that your website is adapted to mobile devices and reacts on the mobile network. The speed of page loading, formatting and navigation are important elements that can affect consumer satisfaction and SEO.

User Engagement

One of the best ways to increase SEO and get search results in 2020 is to encourage visitors to comment on your articles. Google notes that the area is effectively increasing its position. According to participation, people not only read your articles, but are also forced to socialize. It also helps you use your site for longer and your content is placed on everything they search for.


With the strategies mentioned above, you'll never fail not only to improve search engine optimization ranking, but also to ensure your search success in 2020.